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Public Mint and Unmarshal Team Up to Deliver Data to Developers

Public Mint

Public Mint and Unmarshal are teaming up to give developers access to advanced Blockchain data via the Unmarshal platform.

The two companies recently announced the partnership, which is expected to deliver even more data to advanced blockchain developers who already take advantage of Unmarshals’ platform.

Unmarshal is designed to give developers, or anyone who needs access, a huge amount of current and past blockchain data. Now platform users will be able to see data from Public Mint’s blockchain, alongside Ethereum, BSC, Polkadot, and Solana.

There is a lot to like about Unmarshal. A press release states,

“Unmarshal enables an advanced set of APIs that can be easily integrated by any developer building an app that interfaces with Public Mint. The solution is ideal for blockchain explorers, exchanges, checkout providers and other businesses that need to read blockchain data quickly, efficiently and with minimum development time.”

The addition of Public Mint’s blockchain data to this already robust platform will be welcomed by developers and anyone who wants to have greater access to valuable data.

This partnership may also spur the adoption of Public Mint’s platform in the fiat world, and add liquidity to the platform.

Manohar Kolagondanahalli, the CEO & Founder of Unmarshal, commented,

“Public Mint is a remarkable and innovative project bridging fiat and crypto to foster blockchain adoption…We’re delighted to work with Public Mint’s team to help decentralized applications on the native chain to scale in no time.”

There is little doubt that Public Mint is working in the right sector for faster development cycles, as more people from the fiat community look for ways to leverage blockchain technology.

Public Mint Makes Cryptos Easier

Public Mint is making it much simpler for people who don’t really know crypto to enter the arena and take advantage of the flexibility, speed, and yields that cryptos have to offer.

According to the company, via a press release,

“By abstracting the complexities of using blockchain and directly integrating with fiat payment rails, Public Mint offers the flexibility, speed and high yields of the cryptocurrency world to all fintech users. Core to the Public Mint platform is the EARN program, a USD-centric yield strategy combining sources from CeFi and DeFi into a single interface accessible both to crypto newbies and veteran users, who can commit their funds through Public Mint’s Ethereum bridge. Public Mint is also compatible with Ethereum-based dApps through its support for the EVM.”

Many people in the legacy financial industry are dealing with yields that simply can’t match what is on offer in the world of crypto, and without gateways like Public Mint, they would be shut out from the crypto ecosystem.

Of course, like any market, transparency is everything.

Jorge Pereira, the CTO and founder of Public Mint, told media,

“The integration with Unmarshal helps developers quickly deploy cross-chain apps using the Public Mint blockchain…Added to the existing roster of blockchains supported on Unmarshal’s platform, its users will have nearly complete coverage of the blockchain ecosystem.”

More Liquidity is Better for Everyone

Markets live and die on liquidity, and there is nothing like transparency to attract deep liquidity pools to a market that is offering high yields and loads of other advantages.

If you want to learn more about Unmarshal, just click here to visit its website. It offers a range of data to developers and can help your project to get access to the data it needs.

Public Mint is working to make the crypto and fiat markets come together, and you can visit its website right here. This tie-up will help both companies with their goals and add more ways to access data for the wider community as a whole.

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