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I’m running my own full node now using Umbrel

I'm running my own full node now using Umbrel

I've been Bitcoin'ing since 2013 and finally decided to start running my own full node. I chose RaspberryPI + Umbrel for a good balance of cost, dedicated hardware, and small form factor. The setup was ridiculously easy too. Gear:

  • RaspberryPi 4 8GB
  • Agron 1 case with M.2 SSD expansion (everything in one box + temp controlled active cooling)
  • WD Blue 1TB NAND SSD
  • 32GB Sandisk SD Card (only 16GB required)
  • Umbrel

As well as normal node stuff like validating the network, I intend to use it as an intermediate point for any large transactions or transactions involving exchanges to/from my offline wallet for additional privacy. This will be via the Dojo server and Samourai wallet running on the node. Example transaction: Exchange > Samourai wallet > Whirlpool (optional) > offline wallet.




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