How to Pay with Cryptocurrency

Never paid with Bitcoins before? Don’t worry, it’s really easy!

Before making a payment in our shop, you have to buy some Bitcoins (for example at and store them in your personal (online) wallet.

Read more about obtaining Bitcoins in this article!

When you’re already have Bitcoins, the Payment Process in our shop is really easy:

put products in your cart, and when finished select CHECKOUT.

Complete your personal data and shipping address

When finished, click PLACE ORDER.

Now you will see a short overview of your order followed by a payment screen, which shows the total order amount converted to Bitcoins and the payment address to which you must send that amount.

When you’re using a mobile Bitcoin wallet app, just scan the QR code – that’s all!

The QR code includes the address and the amount, your wallet app will add the transaction fee, which depends on the amount and the priority, automatically.

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the shown Bitcoin address to your wallet and enter the amount manually to send the transaction.
Please be aware, that you must send the exact amount in Bitcoins shown, excluding transaction fee, to successfully complete the payment.

A few minutes after the payment is sent, the payment screen should automatically change to “Payment Successfully Received!” like shown below.
You can also update the status manually by clicking the “Awaiting Payment from you” button.

So the payment process is finished now, and you will get an email including order confirmation and a link with the payment details.

We will process your order as soon as there are 6 confirmations from the Bitcoin blockchain system, which will be after about 2 hours.